gradiant is a Palo Alto-based college prep program that empowers high school seniors to successfully navigate the challenging world in which they find themselves. Today’s students are immersed in toxic stress, unrelenting pressure, perfectionism, box-checking, exhaustion, and burnout that unfortunately doesn’t end when college begins.

What if students were able to ease the stress of senior year? Learn the real skills of meaningful college success, before college? Arrive on campus feeling confident, prepared, and purposeful?

At gradiant, we are honored to teach students to be more confident about taking responsibility for their decisions and help them discover real answers within themselves. We are currently accepting applications for a small cohort program that will run from June - August of 2019. We look forward to hearing from you.



“I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that we truly hit the jackpot with you both this year. I was overjoyed to find that we were treated like mature adults, yet we had the love and support that I would only expect from parents. You filled our days and lives with meaning and appreciation, allowing the unbearable to be bearable and the obscurity of college life to become much more clear. You have showed us beauty and warmth in human interaction inspiring me to make all of my relationships as authentic and deep as yours is. I feel like both of you were exactly the kind of warm, calming force needed to break through the confusion of this year. I cannot emphasize enough how appreciative I am for all that you have done for us—whether talking with us, feeding us, or cheering us on. In showing us the size of your hearts and your room for such understanding and compassion, you made this place feel like home. It was so comforting to share this year with you and I know that I always have this home to come back to.”   - T.S.



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From transition to transformation

Learn from award-winning Stanford educators who help first year students transition to college everyday.

Develop a genuine relationship with a college mentor who has successfully been there.

Dynamically engage the real issues of college in real-time. Before college.

Cultivate crucial life skills for navigating the opportunities and challenges of college at a critical time.

Practice in an immersive, diverse and safe environment that models real college life. 

Proactively learn how to make healthy friends and have meaningful relationships. 

Understand who you’ve been, discover who you are, and explore who you want to become in college.



“I know that after every class I say how much this class has changed my life, but it really is true. Having the assignments every week, ramping up from illuminating reflections to heart pounding challenges, and talking them through in the group and hearing your advice, I have been able to workshop what I was trying to become: intentional and brave. To have been able to take this class at all would be amazing, but it happened to come at exactly the time when it completely changed everything. It feels like a totally new side to life has been unlocked. You two have shown us how to read the signposts in our lives but also how to forge our own paths when we want to. You have taught us how to be ourselves in the way we always wanted to be.”  - A.V.




  • Make healthy friends and have meaningful relationships

  • Set boundaries skillfully - say no without ruining a relationship, say yes without compromising integrity

  • Name and take responsibility for actions individually and interpersonally

  • Effect positive decision-making personally and with others

  • Acknowledge and face fears with realism, courage, and action

  • Increasingly motivate from personal purpose

  • Give and receive support from a peer community that is transitioning together


  • Create and break habits

  • Work positively in small groups on projects and assignments

  • Experience failure/set-backs as opportunities

  • Know when, to whom, and how to reach out for help and take personal responsibility for communicating needs

  • Understand, navigate, and utilize campus resources

  • Create realistic and achievable first quarter course schedule

  • Gain knowledge about majors, minors, and specializations

  • Speak confidently with collegiate faculty and advisors

Strategic Thinking

  • Set realistic expectations

  • Be informed and practiced in the most current and salient collegiate issues

  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress

  • Enact a plan for a healthy everyday at college

  • Regularly assess and articulate strengths and areas of growth

  • Problem solve, tackle challenging obstacles, advocate for needs

  • Understand and practice positive physical and mental health habits

  • Discern activities, clubs, and organizations to join and enact strategies for how to do so