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“Before coming to college, I had some idea about what life would be like there. Meeting you, I remember feeling so immediately accepted and cared for. You are both so incredibly considerate and comforting — simply talking to you calms me down. Thank you for your honest advice and endless support. When I first arrived, I really needed to be told its ok to take time for myself and its ok to not overload my schedule. Thank you for helping me realize the importance of leading a balanced life. You have transformed college from a place into a home for me, and for that, I am so grateful.”  - S.K.

“I cannot thank you enough. In all my ups and down, and there were many, you made me feel assured, and cared for, and supported while still pushing me to be my best self. In all of my ridiculousness and hesitation, you made me feel confident and like everything was within my reach. You have been such a voice of reason and you both have done so much for me in terms of allowing me to embrace myself and still find areas to grow. I look up to you both so much as an example of love and trust. Thank you for everything.”  - K.S.

“It has been a blessing and an absolute stroke of luck that I got to know you and learn from you both so closely this year. Thank you for sitting though my rambling and my tears and for being a voice of reason and understanding when I was down and out. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and for teaching me how to look within myself to grow into the person that I need to be. Thank you for always checking in, for the hugs and endless love, for indulging me in my innumerable worries and fears. Thank you for showing me how to take that in stride. Thank you for showing me in countless ways that my life will culminate in something wonderful.”  - M.K.


Dear Teens,

You are awesome.

We truly admire you and hope you hear positive messages from people in your life that you respect and care about. In our experience, being a senior is really hard, and almost everyone endures some mixture of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, pressure, unending to-do lists, and uncertainty. We would love to help you ease the stress of senior year.

And then there’s college. “College prep” often means “college admissions prep” - but what about the rest of college life? Just like none of us would expect to play in a championship game without ever practicing, rising first year college students need some mentorship, skills, and practice that they just don’t get in their everyday lives.

What do you want your college experience to be? We are truly happy to help you learn to make meaningful friendships (ones you’d actually want). Develop the skills to talk with your roommate when things are hard. Approach and speak with faculty confidently. Understand what the first day on campus will be like and how to navigate it successfully and comfortably. Think about what major you’d like to look into and how to do so.

Our goal is to have you feel prepared and confident stepping foot on campus for the first time. We’d love to help you stop checking boxes and start making personal choices that matter to you. We value listening and supporting you in developing a healthy and purposeful everyday unique to you.

Come learn with us in an environment that is inspiring with people who truly care. We so look forward to meeting you and wish for you all that you hope for in life!

With warmth and appreciation,

Drew + Amy