Jamie is a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with adolescents, couples and families to minimize conflict, support personal growth, manage stress, and strengthen a sense of connectedness and well-being, both for the self and within the family. 

Jamie has loved having the opportunity to support adolescents and their parents to find new and more fulfilling ways of being together – everything from collaborating, communicating, nurturing, individuating, limit setting, taking responsibility, having fun and so much more! She is so excited to support gradiant parents in creating the kind of college launch experience, for themselves and their child, that they would most like to have, including the recognition of their own good parenting. Jamie strongly believes that gradiant provides a rare and precious opportunity for families to feel supported as they transition into a new chapter of their family life.

Jamie started her psychotherapy career as a result of navigating the challenges of adolescence with her own children. As a single mother, the most important thing she learned was that she didn’t have to do it alone. She did research, asked questions and sought support from those with whom she resonated. She looked at what she was bringing to the situation and what she might be able to do in order to support different outcomes, and in that process, her family life started to improve. That was when she knew she wanted to help other parents and their teens experience each other in new ways.

Jamie’s approach is integrative, holistic, caring and friendly, and she provides a compassionate environment in which to explore areas of growth, reduce stress and anxiety, improve communication in relationships, and develop new skills.